VIDEOS: Song and Soundscape

 Song by Richard Frankland and Paul Fletcher

Vocals and Guitar by Richard Frankland, Electronics, Soundscapes and Animation Paul Fletcher. This work will be projected onto a circular screen suspended in a tree near the Bendigo Library and Town Hall, and the music video/song version will be available after the festival on this web page and at other special events.

Ideas behind this work:

the poetry and science 

of the sun and the moon

the expanding horizon produced by the meeting of cultures

the circular horizon

encircled by the moon and the sun


cultural tapestries, the fabric of society and other metaphors,

the intersections of diverse belief systems and imaginations definitely create a richness of possibilities for growth, innovation and evolution


from a bigger perspective maybe all our running around and fascinating expressions of individual and cultural differences look part of a bigger texture and pattern, from the top of a mountain our cities look like a network of cupboards inhabited by ants from the view of the  stars we must appear even more minute than herds of ants and resemble something more like particles of dust or microbes swimming in oxygen


different ways to symbolically and aesthetically represent diversity, the intersection and meshing of cultures  her stories and his stories  the productive difference that comes from the edge of states


like cultural diversity no single narrative rather interactions between patterns and emergent productive differences which can expand our horizons, individual, community and locations possibilities